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Our work ethics.


Cate S. says  Had my first appointment with Lesley and what a warm welcoming, professionaly lady she is.  I was very nervous as my firsr encounter with a chiropractor wasnt the nicest (pain wise)  Lesley could see I was tense and instantly put me at ease.  I have put up with a bad back for years.  I wish I had met Lesley sooner - she told me ecactly what was wrong with my back and got to work with her magic hands 10/10

Geoff R. says Lesley sorted the neck out and gave advise on prevention. 24 hours later much improved and have taken action on the computer position.  Many thanks




Stephanie H. says: Love the online booking facility. professional treatment but also feels like catching up with a friend! With her wealth of knowledge and experience Lesley is able to treat the body and fuel the mind- in how to avoid injury in your circumstances.

Peter R. says: Went to see Leslie for the first time yesterday and all the stiffness across my lower back has completely gone today. Wonderful!


Annabel C. says: It is wonderful to know that Lesley's healing hands can take away the pain in my back. She is a caring and a warm person as well as being a superb practitioner. Thank you so very much.


Nikki S. says: It's some sort of a miracle to me that Lesley can take away the pain in the way she does and I can go once again joyfully about my life. It is a special Gift she has. Thank You abundantly.


Mike & Ann S. says: Superb as always. Keeps us going. Friendly chat combined with treatment, and always there to sort one out.



Rebecca J. says: I have been visiting Lesley for a couple of years now, having had an extremely painful and debilitating trapped nerve. (Dr's and physio left me speechless with their ineptitude.) Lesley, is not only a fine practitioner, but is a warm and caring person. I am just so thankful that I found her and would recommend her highly to anyone. I now attend for check ups to ensure never having to endure the agonising pain and discomfort I was in. I could not praise Lesley, highly enough.



Heather P. says: Thank goodness for Lesley! as always excellent consultation. Lesley is a credit to her profession. The self on line appointment system is an admin bonus. Would highly recommend Lesley.




Nick t. says: Saw Lesley again yesterday for treatment for my tennis elbow. Treatment is great and really helps. If only I wasn't too stupid to heed her advice and NOT play tennis.


Mamie R. says: Write your review I occasionally have to consult Lesley and am always very happy with the results of her treatment on my back. She also takes time to explain the problem and offers sensible advice on how to a avoid back strain. I like the on.line booking system which is easy to use and works well.

Paul M. says: over the course of the last year Lesley has worked miracles to sort out my lower back / hip pain and discomfort. Unreservedly I recommend Lesley.



Shirley L. says: I won't leave it so long in future. Loved the new premises, ease of booking on line, I have been a client of Lesley's on and off for over 20 years, and wouldn't trust myself to anyone else. Thanks Lesley.

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